Tuesday 11 December 2018
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Category: People & Connections

Cats: Masters of Self-Care

Cats get a bad rap. Those who are not as enamored of these unique creatures view them as narcissistic, the evil opposite of the selflessly...

beach ngor island Senegal

The Gift of Attaya (Senegalese Tea Ceremony)

My friend Latir lifts the silver pot and the tawney liquid spills from high above the tiny glass,called a kas, and streams perfectly into...

Cartoon-man-computer-papers-bird coming out

Reply All Is Not Evil & Other Slogans for Happier Emailing

Email. Did you shudder? A tool once revolutionary and cutting edge has inverted itself as the bane of many people’s existence; a kind of...

I’ll Get Back to You as soon as I do some Jumping Jacks. 10 Tips for Better Communication through Pausing.

  Amazing things get done by people working together. But human interconnection can be messy. Along the way to the ribbon cutting...