Friday 12 August 2022
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A Message in the Heart of Winter

showing the holiday cards I received in late January

Late January and early February in northeastern Pennsylvania can be dark in both literal and metaphorical terms. The holidays are behind, New Year’s Resolutions are beginning to wobble and one finds oneself on that tightrope of meaningful winter reflections versus unproductive ruminations. I myself constantly find myself with one-foot dipping into the latter and I am always grateful for messages that come to remind me that this version of reality I am creating is simply not true

A flurry of late Holiday and New year’s cards coming in with addresses from different part of the world recently were such a message. With their kind words and delightful designs, they opened me again to the truth that what makes a life is authentic relationships. This seems obvious, but how many years do we spend in search of an achievement, a certain amount of status and wealth or with some ideal version of relationship we feel we should have (usually by a certain age) when all the while the real magic, the most meaningful of experiences is flowing all around us. The question is how to live this truth on a visceral and not just intellectual level.

What was beautiful about these cards and all of the holiday cards I received during the season how I was able to reflect on how I met each person, how they affect me, how we help each other through the years, how their uniqueness makes my world more interesting and special. It’s easy to take this for granted and let it get lost in stress, worry and disappointment when really, it’s the antidote to all of that.

I want to say how grateful I am to  everyone who has touched my life, even if I don’t see you as often, your are part of my story. I want to thank people for the nice things they say and for being there when I need them.  I want to wish everyone much joy and peace, and I hope can help you more often than not on your own journey though the dark and the light.

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