Friday 12 August 2022
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Simple But Elegant: A Lemon Ginger Martini with Domaine de Canton

I was introduced to this lovely liquor by a friend who gave me a bottle for my birthday in 2008 and have been extolling its virtues ever since! I fell in love immediately with its exotic complexity and versatility. Priced at $32.99 it is a good investment, because with its mixture of Cognac, Orange Blossom Honey from Provençe, Tahitian Vanilla and baby Vietnamese Ginger, it can add touch of luxury to your day, make your friends smile and spice up a party. In this video, I give an overview of some the history of this exciting liquor and teach you how to make a Lemon Ginger Martini, as well as give a plug for The Quiet American, a novel about Vietnam  by the well-traveled and quixotic Graham Greene.

Lemon Ginger Martini from Maureen McGuigan on Vimeo.

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